Dogs are very sentimental animals, and unlike most humans, they’re not afraid to show their love. Lia Domingo’s ordinary Monday became more colorful when she met Penny, a 1-year-old corgi mix.

Lia was supposed to rescue Peety, a pit bull for The Pixel Fund, a dog rescue group based in Georgia. Just as she was about to make a final decision, The Pixel Fund executive director, Deborah Kirkland asked Domingo if she can accommodate another furry pal.

“None of the local rescues had any interest in helping her,” Domingo said. Without batting an eyelash, she agreed to meet Penny. After arriving at the shelter, Domingo met a frail and nervous corgi. “When I saw her, it just broke my heart because she was very scared and not very receptive,” Domingo said in an interview with The Dodo.

Domingo felt a spark within her gut the moment she saw Penny. She brought both the dogs into her car and met with Dedee Nystrom, another volunteer. Before reaching Nystrom, Domingo received a call from the shelter—turns out Peety’s family called wanted to have their pit bull back.

Kirkland asked Domingo if she can return both Peety and Penny to the shelter, so she won’t need to make two trips in case Peety’s family won’t show up to retrieve their dog. “Don’t worry, Penny. You know we’re going to be back. We won’t let you down. I promise.” Domingo whispered to Penny’s ear as she gave her a parting kiss.

Peety ended up being retrieved, leaving the Penny the corgi all alone. Domingo immediately went to get Penny the next day. And when she arrived at the shelter, she saw the dog’s eyes glimmer as the dog flopped around giddily.

“She was a totally different dog. She just wanted to hug me. She even wagged her tail, and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s me—you remember me”. Domingo said.

After being reunited with Lia, Penny couldn’t contain her excitement. One time in the car, the corgi dove head-first into Domingo’s arms and allowed herself to be cradled. Penny’s legs rested on Lia’s body while tucking her head—she knew she had a new home to keep her safe from the cruel world.

Penny cuddled with Domingo all throughout the ride to Sparta, Georgia. Whenever Lia tried to take her hands off the corgi, Penny would exclaim a resounding whine as if telling the women who saved her never stop petting.

Upon reaching their destination, Domingo entrusted Penny to Nystrom, who took the corgi to the event. Shortly thereafter, test results revealed the one-eyed corgi is also suffering from heartworm disease. As soon as her care and treatment are finished, the corgi will soon be up for adoption. But this time, with a new name—Chloe Olivia.

“In rescue we always say, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’” Kirkland said. Penny the corgi got rescued from a horrible past and received the love she deserved. Domingo and Kirkland might not have been able to save the Pitbull, but it all worked out to help Penny—Chloe Olivia, find a new family and home.