What you do matters. Everyone has an effect – whether they are acting intentionally or not. We’re always making some kind of impact on one another. Your actions, my actions, and the actions of others are influencing the world.

What you do matters in more ways than you may realize, and your efforts may create chaos or lead to grand achievements. The key is being intentional with your actions.

Butterfly Effect

There is a principle of chaos theory called the Butterfly Effect. It states that a minute first action can cause a reaction of epic proportions. The metaphorical example is that the simple movement of a butterfly’s wings over time can cause a wave that results in a hurricane.

This is an illustration of how important even the smallest of actions are in the grand scheme of the world. As someone living on this planet, you too have an effect everywhere you go. What you do and how you do it matters. You matter. You are as vital to the success of the human race as the most powerful influencer you can imagine. Have you ever considered this?

Sphere of influence

The set of people and places where you make the most impact is called your sphere of influence. This is the where your presence is felt the most. Your sphere likely includes your family, work, and the local community.

How are you having that effect? Consider this:

How you parent your children makes an impactHow you manage your marriage makes an impactHow you engage as a son, daughter, sister, or brother makes an impactWhat you contribute to your workforce makes an impactWhat you create makes an impactYour wisdom makes an impactHow you vote makes an impactHow you spend your time and money makes an impactHow you pour yourself into others makes an impact

I could go on and on, but you’re starting to see my point. In all that you do, you matter. How you do things matters. It is all tied together. This may seem like a big responsibility – and it is – but it isn’t too big when you break it down into manageable bits and pieces, in all the different areas of your life.